Thursday, 2 October 2014

I've Been Playing!

With a pattern that's due to be published in the near future! I got the chance to play... It is altered from the original so I thought I'd share this pic...

Not sure I like the colours and sorry the photo is blurry. Trials of taking it with me phone in the semi dark! 

Anyway I'm going to make another one into Halloween earwigs!  I'll retake the pic when I have... so it doesn't look soooo green!!!  Believe it or not there's a green bead in there!! and black beads as well!! LOL

Sir was playing as well last night.... he went with Young Sir to an Amateur Radio Rally on Saturday.  Think I've already told you that!!  Anyway, he bought this 'ere radio that he wanted to mount on a base to keep in the shack (amateur term for what's otherwise called a shed, an office, computer room or somewhere else that they store 'eveything useful'!!) VBG   The official base was around £50.... and somebody didn't see why he should pay that!!  So... we went to the Range yesterday, and he got hold of a small chopping board, then we used my OG's card for B&Q for feet and 2 small right angle brackets.... the sort you use for shelves etc....  he then went and got some screws....  and .... spent the evening bending brackets so they were no longer a right angle but something a darn sight smaller than a right angle (about 30 degrees!!)  and the result is.... he's made a base!!!  Total cost around a tenner!!  For those of you with 'techy' partners.... it's an original use for a bread board!!! Rofl!!

I'll take a pic and post it at some point!!

Anyway, coffee methinks, then I've to go shopping for catfood etc!!  Turkey, leek & cheese crumble for lunch.... leeks out of the garden.... along with squash and potatoes!!

Just 'remembered.... yesterday was the start of the tat-along with Umi n Tsuru.... of Jane's doiley.... I'm going to start TODAY!!!!  Already a day late!!! Oops!!  Thread.... Here I Come!!!!

Chat later


  1. You're not feeding Sir on cat food, are you?

    1. You mean I'm not supposed to???? Rofl

  2. Interesting design, can't wait to see the next!! :)

    1. Thanks Gods Kid.... I'm just not overly convinced.... yet!!