Thursday, 30 October 2014

It's Nearly....

.... All Hallows Eve!!!  The weather here is just unseasonably warm!  Night time temps of 15C is crazy at the end of October!!

Anyway, This crazy OG decided a few weeks ago that Christmas exchanges should be done!!  I've now got 5 'swap partners'!!! So.... was I pleased when a certain other crazy OG's BC3 decided to release a new pattern... the 'Inside Out Snowflake'!!  I've dunned 2 so far....

They do still need finishing off.... but I'm not showing you that for a bit!!  Why?? Because I'm crazy like that!!! LOL

I've been granddaughter 'soft cuddling' this week.... kids off school!!  Had to share these pics with you too.

The first one is her modelling a new accessory.... Mummy managed to teach herself to crochet... and this is the result:

Lovely isn't it??

Secondly... it was Li'l Miss's birthday last Friday.... The first of many!!  We had a party on Saturday and Mummy shared this pic:

The chair was made originally by my  Grandad!!  So it's a large number of years old!!  It was brown with brown leather seat and back.... Over the years (both the kids used it) it had become battered and worn... so Mummy paid for it to be given a new lease of life!!  I'm sure Grandad would have been delighted with the result!  And Li'l Miss likes it too!!

Anyway, off for coffee now.

Chat soon


  1. Great snowflakes!! :)
    And what a cutie there!!! :)

  2. Enjoyed reading your post and very cute models :-)

  3. I think the model is cute too... But... I may be just a tad biased!! Rofl Now doing the inside out motif...

  4. It is a lovely pattern. Love the chair and of course the little one sitting in it.
    You are so fortunate to have grandchildren and it looks like you make the most of them too.