Monday, 13 October 2014

Somebody said....

.... that it's only a few months to Christmas!!!!  How DARE they!! LOL  We've got a few birthdays between now and then!

Right, so, over the weekend I spent time in a village on the outskirts of York.... at a tatting meeting!!!  David, the tatter in the house I was at produces these type of tatty bits for charities....

David designs his own patterns, he learnt to tat whilst in a Sanitorium when he had TB as a very young man!!!  As I couldn't resist trying the pattern out.... I 'sort of' wrote it out... and started with some gash thread on shuttles... putting it down at lunchtime it fell into a sort of a flower shape... So, being the OG that I am, I decided to turn it into one....

This is the result so far.... inspired by David's Santa!!

Statice!!!!  I promise to make it into a pattern when I've finished playing!!!!  Mind you, I didn't get this round of the African Sky Doiley finished.... you can see what I mean about it 'frilling' on this pic:

Mind you, I've just noticed that I only have 2 more split rings & thrown rings and the round's finished.... maybe I'll finish it later!!

Last Friday when I was at school 2 things happened....

First of all I spotted the first Christmas Tree....

It's actually the moon, sitting atop of the tree!!!! VBG

Then, in the evening, there was the most fantastic rainbow coming down behind our shed!!

That was Friday and Saturday.... Sir and his mate did some of a walk around the area on Saturday.  They tried telling me that the footpath went right through the middle of a pub!!!  Do you believe them??  I don't!!

Yesterday, we were in Hornsea at an amateur radio rally.... so nothing much to report on that... except that while we were there I got a message to say that Young Sir Passed his Module 1 for his Motor Bike Test!!!  Soooo pleased for him!!  He now needs to book the rest of it later today!!  Oh, and somebody posted this on twitter....

It's the Humber Bridge in the fog from the air!!!  Note.... no fog overland!!!

Anyway, 'nuff from me.... chat later


  1. What a lot of wonderful nature pictures today! - did you see last week's Blood Moon? - we here in Brisbane did not, we were covered by clouds. Obviously the moon was censored in Qld.
    I love that snowman, very cute pattern.

  2. Can you see the double rainbow ?! Beautiful pictures. Enjoyed your post ...
    Nice flower-in-the-making too :-)

  3. Thanks Both!! No 'Blood Moon' here last week Maureen!! Yes, Muskaan, there is a double rainbow.... did you know the colours are always reversed on the second one?? Full of useless info I'se is!! LOL