Thursday, 23 October 2014

Next Round!!

Is done on the African Doiley!! So I'm now on the 'separate' round....

Will have to shelve it for a short while though... Got Christmas presents to tat!!!

First up is that 'Inside Out' snowflake that Jane E published a few weeks ago... But there's no point in my showing you 2 rings!!!! Trying to 'use up' a few of the myriad of bugle beads in my stash!  Then I've got this idea for earwigs that I must explore... And I want to make a bracelet and a pendant and....

Think I'll have to make shuttles fly!!! Lol

Now just to keep you updated, one year ago tomorrow I was made a totally incorrigible Granny!!! Yes!! Li'l Miss will be a whole 1 tomorrow!!! Get to see her on Saturday at a family get together with pressures and cake and things!  Mummy and Daddy are taking her out tomorrow for the day!

Doesn't seem like a year! Must becoming a real OG!!!! Vbg

Had a quiz night at our Amateur Radio Club last night.... I was QuizMistress!!!  They all groaned about the questions I'd set.... made them either think or guess!!!!  Evil that I am!!!! (ROFL)  Mind you, I've now fallen foul of the 'you'll have to do another one' brigade.... Aargh!!!!

anyway, off for coffee and to start on lunch....

Chat soon!!

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