Friday, 10 October 2014

I'm Sure....

...I'm doing this wrong!! Unless I tat tighter than Jane M that is!!

I'll persevere tho and see how I get on with it!

Also on with anuvver tatty snowflake.... Till I ran out of thread on me shuttles last night at class! Will put more on today! This one reminds me of pink bubbles!! Lol

Did you miss me this week? Been a busy ole week it has! Wednesday was MIL's birthday! She's 93!!! Took her to a Chinese restaurant with Sir, Mummy, Daddy n Li'l Miss in the early evening! Had fun watching the staff cooing over Li'l Miss!!! Rofl

Out for coffee yesterday with a friend... Had a natter and caught up... As you do!!

Tomorrow I'm at a tatty meeting just outside York! Should be fun!! I do love those sort of meetings when you can meet up with friends old and new and natter an tat!!!! Lol 

Note to self- take your needle to finish off ends!! And something to try out the Magic Thread Trick!!!! Maybe the fishing line I use for Spangling lace bobbins.... Watch This Space!!!

Oh.... just a warning.... if you're not getting emails from me.... I don't seem to be able to send any at the moment!! Sir is sorting it later for me!!!! VBG

Chat soon


  1. Jane's doily looks so complicated I do so admire those who have the patience to tat it.
    Hope you enjoy your meeting today.

  2. I did Sally. Excellent time had by all!! David n Daphne are brilliant hosts and David's tatting is unbelievably good! Next time I go I'm taking a big camera!!!

  3. Oh, like the split ring star/snowflake!