Saturday, 23 January 2016

Well, well, well!!

Or... You never know...

Just who you will bump into during a day!!

Jo Brand no less!! (Probably not as well known in tatty circles as a certain Tatty OG from Stratford) She's a British comedienne, and in her own words 'unfit'!! So that explains why she's walking a marathon every day for 7 days in January!!! 150 miles altogether for Sport Relief (Comic Relief)!!  Go Jo!! You can do it!!

Anyway, back to shuttles... Day 7 of the TIAS is up and as you can see, its definitely a root on that "TRIFFID" rofl!!


  1. I just LOVE Jo Brand. Email me and tell me all or I'll fall out with you!!!!

  2. Good for her! I like Jo Brand too. I think of her 'housework book' called 'F*** it, that'll do' whenever I reach my limit!