Saturday, 16 January 2016


Well folks... TIAS day 5 is out as you know... What do you mean? You don't know?!! You haven't been reading either my blog or the blog of that Tatty OG then have you!! Rofl

Ok so here is my entry:

I thought at first that that Tatty OG had spoiled my undercarriage for Pigmini... But then it dawned on me... She's got a step!! Look:

See?? It 'stands up' just like the steps used to on the Landrover we had aeons ago!!  I have decided that its to help Maureen's Rabbit into the driving seat!!! VBG

We're down in Slough today at a meeting for Sir this time! Drove down yesterday and stayed over in a lovely little guest house! And guess what... its even put a thin layer of snow on everything down here! We always say its an overcoat warmer down here!! Now thats a Yorkshire saying!! Off home tonight but it'll be after Young Sir has gone to work... The lads on nights at the moment! Had to leave him pack up and food for 2 'days'!! Just waiting for him to text his poor ole mum and let her know he's ok!!  Right... Off now coffee calls!!

Chat soon!

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  1. My Rabbit has been terrified by the enormous spider which is sitting next to him.......time to employ the cricket bat.