Wednesday, 27 January 2016

So he's arrived

I am talking about that there MotMot bird!!! I was fortunate enough to get to 'test tat' him...


I spotted him on our balcony out in Tenerife!!

Now, due to me having the 'dreaded lurgy' (too achy and shivery to do anything but sleep yesterday, am a bit better today thanks!) I forgot to show you my tat it and see...

I think its definitely a Triffid, when 'Mummy' was little, she was mad on My Little Pony!! If you ever saw them... Do you remember the Flories?? Definitely Triffids!! Well, I think that's what we're tatting!

Off to get a hot toddy! Chat soon


  1. Your Mot Mot bird must have been just dying to fly off your shuttles! - Sorry, your Triffid is reminding me of a Tomato Soup can...

    1. So... Are we saying its tomato soup triffids then Maureen??? Rofl