Friday, 15 January 2016

And Another...

... Day in the current Tat it and see!!  I downloaded said destructions and completed my effort... Took a picture and sent it up to that MOG that's running it!

I'll show you:

Now there's no way that this Tatty OG will admit to either being an artist or having good camera skills! Added to the mix is the fact that I'se is a left 'anded tatter! This causes challenges simply because I keeps me phone in a case in me pocketses (to quote Gollum from The Hobbit). The lens is not clean!! mainly because I keeps puttin' me finger on it!! Do you know what she said???  I'll tell you... But first I told her that its deffo a 'undercarriage for my Pigmini'!! That MOG said it looked like we had SMOG!!! I mean!! How can you say that when the weather is...

You can see Pigmini... Just!! She's hiding behind Young Sirs and Sirs cars!!! (The yellow one)... Rofl!!!

Couldn't resist telling you all! Still laughing!!!

Chat soon


  1. Yes, it is Definitely a pigmini, this TIAS is :-)

  2. You're absolutely right! - it's a chassis for a rabbit's car - ( akin to a wigwam for a goose's bridle).....I'm fine with that as long as there's a Rabbit behind the wheel.