Thursday, 7 January 2016

What's Mine???

Morning All

I've just been blog hopping, as you do, and came across Diane's blog.  Yes I do read it regularly!!  Anyway, this morning she asked if we had a 'to go' pattern... you know, the pattern you go to when you can't think what you want to tat...

Well, mine is those diamonds of that Tatty OG!!!  What do you mean, you don't know the ones I mean??  Of course you do!!!  I've made them into sooo many pairs of earwigs!!  Look:

 That was the first pair I ever did!!!  I just love the pattern!!!  Had a quick count up and I think I've made around 15 pairs now!!!  (if not more!), and.... NO Jane, they're NOT all in my house!!!  I have handed them over to others as well!!!

Anyway, hows you all doing with the Umbrella Stand???  Ok??  It certainly looks like you are from the TIAS blog!!

Right, too dark and dismal here to photograph the other shuttle I was going to show you.... you'll just have to wait!!!

Chat soon

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