Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Or... How to keep up with a TIAS!!!  Well, it's not my fault that that Tatty OG referred to herself as a MOG is it???  I think it's a great name for her!!! VBG

As you know, yesterday Day 3 of the TIAS was listed... and 'somebody' has upset the apple cart... It doesn't look like an EFUS now.... so, I've decided it's something different....  I'll let you see to find out if you agree with me!!  Mind you, I don't know how that Tatty OG dare... I was looking forward to it being an EFUS!!!  Bet Maureen is having difficulties making it a rabbit as well!!! Rofl

Now, I think it's the undercarriage of a Bubble Car, or as that MOG said... the undercarriage of a Pigmini!!!  (For those that don't know, my car is a BMW Mini and it's got pigs on the sides of it, advertising the business Sir is involved in!!)  It would be his car, but she's registered to me.... and, of course, her name is Pigmini!!

So, do you agree??  It could be the undercarriage of a Pigmini!!  Although, it shouldn't be green, it should be black with yellow and purple and orange above!!!  Maybe I'll have to start another one... but that will be after the other things I want to do... maybe.... or maybe not!!

Right, in the middle of meetings again now just to keep me going in the New Year... last weekend - meeting, last night - meeting.  Tonight - 2 meetings, tomorrow - lace class, weekend - meeting, next Tuesday - meeting!!!  See what I mean???  Anyway, with any luck I'll find some tatty time in between, like when we're driving down to London at the weekend for the meeting... if we set off in daylight then I'll be able to do some in the car!!

Nuff from me.... Chat soon

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  1. Well, two years ago I was convinced it was a Garden Gnome, and it was a sailboat! - so not so far fetched to think rabbity thoughts about it.