Thursday, 29 May 2014

Back Home!!

Hi All

Well, as you saw on some of the pics, I did have fun in Tenerife!!

Now I promised to put up a pic of li'l ol' me with the necklace on.... so.... here you go!!  I was squinting at the sun, that's why the peeps are closed!!!

I do think the necklace is gorgeous that I won over on Umi n Tsuru's blog!!!  I wore it quite a few times while I was out there!!  This was one of the few days when the sun was shining!  Most of the time it seemed to be rather cloudy, but still, it was a holiday!!!! VBG

Some tatting was done whilst out there (of course!!) but.... I can't show you till it's all dunned and gone to its new owner!  (That's 'cos it's a pressie and the new owner may just read my blog!!!!)  Well, I don't want them to see it now do I???

Now what else....

How do you like the 'prickly foot'???

Couldn't resist taking a pic of it!!! LOL  It appealed to this OG's warped SOH!!!

Anyway, must go make a coffee....  Chat soon and I promise to share pics!!


  1. The necklace went to the perfect winner! - because even the colour suits you beautifully. Nice to see this modelled by a real person too.

  2. It looks perfect on you! So happy you are enjoying it. Someone had a good holiday in Tenerife

    1. Thanks Umi n Tsuru!! I love it!! I must get hold of the book it's in... Daughter and sons girlfriend are both after one!! More tatting for me! Vbg