Friday, 9 May 2014

It's Summer!!!!

We know because the House Martins are back!  They nest in the eaves of our house, so it won't be long before we have cats with machine guns in the bedroom!  You can tell they've got machine guns because of the noise.... "Ack, ack, ack, ack....... !! VBG  They'll wake us up with their hobnail boots and squeeing!! (The martins, not the cats....)  I remember one of the cats a few years ago (not the present lot) actually catching one!! A young one, and we rescued it.... not a mark on it and they ain't arf got a strong grip!!  Had to prise it's claws out of my hand and 'persuade' it onto a stick.... it hung there for a few minutes before flying off!!  Pleased it was OK! Sir thinks it's GREAT!!!!  He hates winter, dark nights, bad weather.... give him wall to wall sunshine and he's happy!  And it was chucking rain at us yesterday!  I got damp at school.... the annoying bit was that there'd been a 'May Day Whatsit' at school and I stood for half an hour in the afternoon.... and crossed 3 kids!! The rest had gone home early with their parents!  I do wish they would tell us when they're doing that.... then we could be there in time for them leaving, and we wouldn't feel like spare parts!!  Between that and the fact that I was back at t'other friends this morning - child and teenager squishing!!!!

Last night was Lace Class, and I couldn't take a lace pillow.... simply because I drive a mini, and by the time I've got me lollipop stick, summer coat, winter coat (the waterproof one), 2 hats, again one summer and one winter, in.... and I've picked up my crazy Dutch Friend and her bag, handbag, lace pillow.... and got 2 demo bags and the practice pillow in the back of the car there's no room for anything else!!!  So.... tatting bag doesn't take up much room.... and so it went with me instead!  Also got a bit done this morning.... NOT!!  I realised that I'd done too much last night and so had to retro tat instead!!!  How annoying is that??

Anyway, as you can see, it's definitely looking more like a 'bowl' now... almost half way round the last round before the band.... then just the brim to do!!

Right, coffee break methinks!!  But I won't be outside for it.... it's raining again!! Young Sir won't be pleased.... he's to replace the back wheel on his motorbike before he goes to work!  It needed a new tyre and they've gone to get one!

Chat soon


  1. You are making fabulous progress on your hat!!! :)

    1. Thanks God's Kid!! I think it may just be a WIP till I get back from Tenerife... not gone yet tho!!