Monday, 12 May 2014

Sunshine and Rain and...


Well, Saturday was our local Lace Groups meeting.... we had a workshop with our Lace Teacher on Coggeshall Lace!  It was very interesting and something that I will carry on doing until I've mastered it at least!! LOL  I may even make a hanky corner and then tat round the rest of it!!  Mind you, by the time I'd been to see MIL (twice), and visited the 'suppliers stall' and chatted and been in the committee meeting, the day was half over and I still hadn't done a stitch!! LOL  I've put the link to the group website up for you to be nosey.... so if ever any of you are up 'this end of the country' you can visit!!  We like visitors!!

This is the start by another lady in the group....   Think she may be better than I am!!

Now the suppliers were Larkholme Lace and they had some gorgeous Finca threads - La Paleta and some metallic threads.... somebody couldn't resist!! Can't think who!! LOL

Jacqui asked if I could tat with them.... so I HWT'd a little onto a shuttle and played.... this is the result:

Quite pretty aren't they??  Got some black and gold as well.... I feel earwigs coming on!!  I've certainly got some beads that will go on them, and I got an idea of what to do from Jacqui!! VBG  Nope.... I haven't done any, so you will just HAVE to wait and see!! And.... yes I know it's not a very good pic.... the light was awful because it was sheeting down outside and VERY dark and this was late afternoon!!!!

Oh, I will share this with you tho.... another lady in the group had done this from the last Ring Of Tatters magazine....  She was also in the process of doing another one with beads on it!!  Looked lovely!!

Took MIL out yesterday, lunch and then a walk around a garden centre, looking at a few pansies.... which we got to go in pots on the path outside.... then we went for coffee!  A great time was had, but no tatting apart from the above over the weekend, so nothing new to report!

Must get my beads and shuttles and threads and etc sorted for hols next week.... so I'm off for a coffee and brekkie and I'll chat soon!!

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