Thursday, 8 May 2014


Morning All

Well, after yesterdays shenanigans.... I did a little tatting last night.... winding another shuttle for the hankie edging!!!  Not worth showing you that now is it?? LOL

So.... I decided to share this with you....

Aeons ago when I first learned to tat.... the first thing I produced was.... the butterfly!!  I stitched it onto a hankie and finished the edge with some machine made nylon lace!  Well, it was a. before I learned bobbin lace and b. before I learned to tat edgings!!!

As you can see, it does look pink.  It didn't start off pink, it was white!!! I think the dye from the hankie has seeped into it over the years!  After all, hankies were made to be used weren't they??? VBG  AND, it's creased because it was in my pocket!!!!  It must be 40 years or more old and is still going strong!!

It's raining outside AGAIN today, and McVroom is off somewhere (I think he may be inspecting the hedging and the plum tree we planted a while ago),  the plum tree has finally decided to produce a few very tiny leaves, and the bushes are also budding and some have leaves on them.  A few look as if they may not have survived.... but we'll leave them where they are and wait and see!  That's what happens with bushes, you do have to wait for some time!!  If they don't bud next year, they can come out and be replaced with something else!!

Because of the weather, the cats are in, and Sir will be back shortly for brekkie.... so I'd better go get the coffee ready!!

Chat later

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