Wednesday, 7 May 2014

What do you do with 'tatty bits'??

I ask this question for one major reason.... I have snowflakes, dragons, motifs etc.... all those 'bits' where you try a motif or make a small mat or trial an 'earring' without putting the wire in....  What do you mean, I'm the only one that does this?? VBG

Well, I've found the solution!!!

Last weekend, while we were demonstrating, there was a 'white elephant' stall - for those that don't know... a white elephant stall is where you get the old toys, bric a brac, lamps, bits of clothing, cushions etc.... and they sell for 'peanuts'!!

I got this:

It's a full sized pashmina!!  And I thought it would be good to wear.... and the adornments can be all those 'bits' of tatting!!!  Certainly a talking point, and a way of displaying even more than usual!! LOL

Displaying 'bits' like this:

Good idea??!!?  Well, I think so!!

It's raining outside again, and we've been to see MIL.... found out why she sounded so 'spaced out' on the phone.... she's been 'doubling up' on tablets!!  The chemists delivers her prescription medication in boxes.... if she hasn't finished the old box, she takes them both 'because it says to take it x times a day on the box'!!!

Well, she won't any more!!!  Got a 'pill box' one of those with several compartments for times and days... that's now full for a full week AND we've hidden the boxes!!!  Also went to see the pharmacist, and they are going to dispense the medication into something similar for her!  That'll stop her in her tracks!!!  Just got to get the doctors to review the medication.... as we're sure she's taking stuff that she doesn't need to!

So.... that's another day where we've done loads without doing much!!!  Need coffee now!!

Chat later

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