Thursday, 15 May 2014

It's Arrived!!!!

Yes I know summer arrived a little bit ago, and I know I've been missing for a few days!!!  So there's no need to fall over backwards with shock at my posting!! LOL

However, I have a defence!!!  I've been baby squishing!! VBG  my granddaughter needed Granny to look after her for a few days whilst mum was busy doing all sorts of things including packing to go away!!!

Look what I found in her suitcase!!

Definitely - 'but Mummy you've got the most important packing done.... I'm in!!!' LOL  Oh, and the message on the tshirt is.... I LOVE North Yorkshire!!!! VBG

Also, look what arrived in the post yesterday:

It was a recent giveaway from Umi n Tsuru!!  Isn't it just GORGEOUS??  I nearly lost it.... twice!!!  Mum tried pinching it.... 'because it will go lovely with the wedding outfit' (they're going to a friends wedding in Devon), and then my friends daughter 'look what's outside', hand went over the necklace!!! My hand!!!

Anyway, because of all this I haven't done anything myself.... busy washing at the moment ready for our hols next week.... and the Necklace is going too!!!  Sir says he'll take a pic of me wearing it with something summery on, and no it won't be the swimsuit!! Camera wouldn't stand the shock!!!

Chat later, off to enjoy the sunshine!!


  1. Beautiful baby and gorgeous necklace! I have never tatted jewellery, but I do admire it. Enjoy wearing it.

  2. Hang onto that necklace! Lucky thing!

  3. Thanks to both of you!! I will LOVE wearing it!! It's coming to Tenerife with me, along with the rainbow one I made.... and I've got a pair of earwigs that nearly match!!! I'll get Sir to take a pic while we're there!!

  4. Very beautiful!

  5. Wow beautiful an what a lovely gift. Enjoy