Friday, 2 May 2014

A P... in a Hat!!

Morning all

Now this hat.... This is a 'crazy old g...' modelling it!!

I would say it's me.... (it is!!) and I would say it's my hat but that would be wrong....  Someone in our local lace group made it a few years ago, and we use it sometimes when we're demonstrating and displaying lace.... I'm demonstrating on Sunday and so I've borrowed it amongst other things, so I'm allowed to wear it!!  The photo isn't exactly flattering... but... it's the hat that matters!! LOL  I may well wear a long skirt and a top on Sunday, so the hat looks better!! Along with the button necklace and earrings I made a few weeks ago it should be slightly better (if taken from the back in the dark with no flash)VBG But at least you can put a face (would you really want to??) to the name of Pigmini!!  It was taken by Sir against the house wall this morning... he keeps insisting I look good in hats!!  Don't possess many.... 3 in fact!  (well apart from the baseball cap and the winter hat I have to wear for school) a sun hat, my 'Mother of the Bride' hat and a red 'cowboy hat' that was bought cheap for a fancy dress whatsit a few years ago!!

Anyway, I haven't managed to do much more on my version.... apart from finishing off one more motif last night so I haven't taken a pic... so there!! LOL

Oh well, coffee methinks!!

Chat later


  1. Actually that's a great picture. Shows what you're best at - smiling and laughing. That's a great hat and I bet it's inspiring you to finish yours now!!!! I have very, very few hats as my head is very small. Bought one in Savannah a few years ago - purely because it fitted!!!

  2. Thanks Jane!! It certainly is inspiring.... but I'm now wondering what colour to finish it off with!! (as in the ribbon band....)!! Sir did do another pic and 'grunged' it.... I looked even worse than above!! Don't 'do' front of camera!! LOL

  3. It's a wonderful hat! - and it's a shame that your giveaway win won't be there in time for the occasion, that would look stunning. I'm like Jane, hats don't fit me either - but have to have one here because of the sun.