Wednesday, 30 July 2014

It's a.... (post edited)

Windmill! Anyone who has come via Jane's blog will know that I gotta mention today for giving you all a giggle!!!  Excellent!!! I loves a good giggle I does!! (Got me own back as well.... creating a loop link.... Pigmini to Jane to Pigmini to Jane.....) Rofl

Now, the pattern for this windmill is here.  As I'm sure you're aware, 'tis one of Jane's BC3's patterns.... and I happen to like windmills.... mind you, I think after being told that I must do a mouse.... this windmill is going to have to be tatted.... in rope!!!  Looking at the size of that mouse!!  However.... does the mouse 'have clogs on'???? LOL

Now, being the crazy OG that I am... I did the building in a gorgeous 'sun-warmed brick' and then decided to make the sails ecru.... But.... I'd never done lock chains before and 'invented' my own way... One ds flipped, one un flipped! Then discovered the 'proper' way... So some of the sails are one way and some are the other!!  And for those of you what's totally nosey.... the ecru was a part ball in me stash, picked up somewhere or other for a silly price like 10p!!  and the sunwarmed brick is Lizbeth Twirlz, but don't ask me what colour.... its the one with orange, red & burgundy sort of threads in it!!

Number 20 bites the dust!! Now do I do another in blue n white in 40 or do I do something different?? 

Watch this space!


  1. Your windmill looks great, and could not tell the difference with the sails at first.

  2. VBG Thanks Sally!! I think it's the camera on me phone what does it.... nothing to do with me at all!! I blame Apple iphone!!!! LOL