Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Hot, hot, hot!!!....

No not the weather, although it is mild, it's dull and misty!!  No... I have been playing with a shuttle and 2 balls of hwt!! (For those that don't.... hwt - hand wound thread!) ROTFL

I found them lurking in a box in the shed.... yellow and orange - hence the title!!  I've also got a burgundy and a green....

So what have I been doing?  Well, in the latest Ring of Tatters newsletter there's a necklace.... Me fell in love with it.... so I started a flower....  What do you mean you NEED to see it??!!  I may decide to keep it a secret.... VBG

Oh, all right then.... here you are:

This is the first 'round' of the flower, quite enjoying doing it (well, a girl has to have something to keep her occupied when she's waiting for the kids to arrive at the crossing point!!)  This was yesterdays effort!!  Will keep you posted on that as well as the Hat!!, although there's not anything new to report on that.... didn't get chance to do any last night!  Did half a motif this morning, and I may be able to finish it tonight....

Anyhow.... back to the coffee....

Chat later


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Gods Kid. I like it too!!

  2. Is that the pattern on page 16? That is very pretty, and you choose the right color!

  3. It certainly is Tally Tatty!! Lovely isn't it??