Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Penultimate....

.... TIAS was released yesterday!!

Now it was Saturday yesterday wasn't it??  We had wind, rain, sun, rain, wind, cloud, wind.... I managed to make some fruit muffins before tea, and got the shopping done!!  That includes Cat Food!!!  The cats were MOST appreciative!!! LOL  Had some of the muffins for tea and Young Sir has one in his packing up today!!!  Mind you, I might just have to make some more for his pack up tomorrow!!

Anyway, Himself put a film on last night, and so I managed to catch up with yesterdays offering.... here it is:

As you can clearly see (well McVroom can!!) that it's definitely got an opening to make it into a duck house!! LOL  McVroom was VERY interested and insists that it is a Duck House and it's name is definitely going to be Humber Ella!!!  However, he did decline to be photographed with it, unless its raining tomorrow!!  We'll see if he's right....

Oh well, washing machine has finished yet again, and the sun is shining and the horrendous winds are mild by comparison today, makes it positively spring-like out there.... not that I set much store by a February Spring!!  After all, they do say it isn't worth a..... tatting hook!!! (OK, ok, ok... I know the saying is a pin, but somehow tatting hook sounds better doesn't it?) VBG

Right, back to hanging washing out and making a coffee!!

Chat later

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  1. It has been so much fun playing along with Jane's TIAS. Lovely tatting!