Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Hi All

Yes I know that Jane put up the final part of the TIAS on Monday, however I was out all day, and forgot to take a pic yesterday!!  My excuse and I'm sticking to it!!  Kids are on school holidays so my BC3 has 'gone off somewhere'!

Here's the finished article....

Now I know I said it was a Duck House.... but her name is still Humber Ella!!!  Good isn't she??  McVroom seems to approve!  Mind you, he wants to know just 'how' he can land when the sails are UP!!! LOL  How he loves to get 'up close and personal'!! VBG

I'm still working on stuff tho... a new gecko to replace Gwen, a 'whatsit' out of Martha's book, and the inevitable hanky edging that seems to be taking 'forever' in 80 Valdani!!!  Got another 13 'repeats' and it's finished... then I'll have the challenge of stitching it on!!

So.... Humber Ella makes number 4 in the 25 challenge.... and these make number 5!!!

The pattern is here and the thread was Tropical Punch by Lizbeth, with a mid pink Coats from my stash, and beads are Gutermann size 9 seed beads, again from my stash!  I finished this pair as well,

but I'm not counting them as I made them last year but didn't get round to putting the wires in....  I think they were Rainbow Taffy, but a Coats one that I was given a part ball of.... along with the yellow and the blue beads were again from the stash!

At the rate I'm going the 25 challenge will be done by the end of Summer!!! LOL  I've got to number 5 in 5 weeks!!!!

Off to make a coffee now.... and see if I can find an email addy for Elaine.... I NEED to know just where she got a hat pattern from....

 Chat later


  1. Thanks God's Kid.... Must admit I'm a little 'addicted to them'!! Think I've made at least 7 pairs now... not all for me!! LOL Have them in blues, purple & green, rainbow & yellow, beige & brown, tropical pinks... have also done them in blues, jelly bean, yellows & reds!! A pattern I know off by heart now... Should say THANKS Jane's BC3 for the pattern!! LOL