Tuesday, 11 February 2014

It's a....

... well, judge for yourself....

Remember me telling you about that surge back in December?  Well, we didn't get any photos of the water coming over, it was too dark, but.... these were left on top of the bank in an area that's inaccessible by anything other than feet or bikes.... and they tell us it didn't happen.... what do you think?  These are NOT sticks.... they ARE tree trunks!!!  (I didn't take this, and I pass my thanks onto the kind person that shared the photo with me....)

It's also a ... present for my wonderful Granddaughter!!!

Right, before I show you just how far I've got with that there TIAS... I got this through the post this morning, all the way from Indiana!!!

A great lady sent this for my granddaughter after I mentioned that her bedroom has a wildlife theme.... camels, monkeys, lions, elephants, tiggers (because they bounce!!) etc!!  Sir Squirrel will be framed and presented to said girl later this week!!

Thanks Dorcas Ann!!!  He's BEAUTIFUL!!

And now back to that Tat it and See.... as you may know, day 13 was published yesterday, and I managed to tat the relevant bit around lunchtime!  However, my phone camera wasn't anywhere near the computer so I couldn't 'upload' the photo!  I can only post pics when they are on the computer, not when they are on the phone....  Anyway, managed it last night and here it is:

I am certain it's got something to do with ducks or brollys or other 'water related' stuff!!  It's certainly the weather for water related implements today!  I was first out at around 6am and it was.... Raining!!, 8.15 to 9 when I was 'on duty' (yes I do stand outside in a bright yellow coat, hat, trousers and stick in the pouring rain telling traffic to STOP!!)  it was.... Raining!  Went to a meeting at 10.... rain, left at 11.15.... more rain!!  Think I'm growing webbed feet!!!

Anyway, think I need another coffee and a bit of lunch....

Chat soon!!

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