Friday, 14 February 2014

Ok.... here....

... is what I'm tatting in between Janes TIAS!!

Recognise it??  No?

It's in here:

Got it now??

I only shared it because I thought you needed cheering up on Valentine's Day!!!  Our son has just text me to say he's not home for tea tonight - at a guess, he's taking someone out for a meal!!  So, it's just the two of us and 3 crackers cats.... to fight over a Spaghetti Bolognese!!

Just left school for a weeks break (it's half term here), and the rain was horizontal!!!  Good job I had FULL wet weather gear on!!  I'll be pleased to have a week off!  At the rate we're going I'll have Webbed Feet!!!  Feel sorry for anyone who has been flooded or is snowed in or suffering the heat.... maybe we should all share.... anywhere that has excessive heat or fires - we'll send rain and the snow can come from the USA and Canada, and probably northern Europe as well... please send us some sun in return so we can dry out a bit.... Please!!

Thursday nights are usually my Lace Class night, however our teacher has gone off on holiday for a few weeks... won't see her again until 6th March!  Still, I made lace (bobbin lace) last night, as I get together with a good friend, her husband, the dog (Megan is loverly even though she's totally bonkers!!)  We get together round her craft room table (it's big enough for the two of us to sit and chat and make lace), and then adjourn for coffee and another natter, make some more lace before we pack up and adjourn back for another drink and natter.... then I come home (somewhere between 11 and 12 usually!!)  One day I'll share a pic of Megan the Loopy Labrador with you....

Anyway, last night I was given a present.... this:

It was published in the 1970's and there are some tatting patterns in there.... along with knitted and crocheted lace, hairpin crochet and filet crochet as well.  I fell in love with this one:

Can't make it in one pass, (I don't think I can anyway) but I can reduce the number of cut & tie's by quite a few!!  Going to study it properly and I may just be able to.... utilising split rings and my least favourite... split chains!!  I can't get split chains to work properly!!  I got hold of a few reels of Atlin Basak 50 a few weeks ago.... and I can see it done in that.... pale pink with maybe a dark pink in it somewhere.... (after what I said to Jane this morning as well.... it'll be a while before I make it!!! LOL)

Oh well, coffee calls!!

Chat later!

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  1. Maybe we should watch one of my favourite films tonight.... Lady and The Tramp!! They ate Spag Bol!!! VBG