Sunday, 2 February 2014

Calendar Girls!!!

Hi All

Last night our local drama group - the Petuaria Players - put on their final perfomance of Tim Firth's play Calendar Girls!!  It was absolutely fantastic to watch!!  Funny, witty, sad, comic and heartrending all at the same time!!  They did an amazing job and credit should go to the ladies who 'did'!!!! VBG  There was a collection afterwards for Leukaemia Research and it will be interesting to know just how much they raised over the 3 nights!!  I will let you all know if I find out!

Anyway, tatting....  McVroom is about to be joined by Gwen the Gecko!!  She's a bit shy at the moment and won't let me take her pic, probably because she's still 'hatching'!!  I dare say she'll be less shy in the next week or so!  I was out yesterday with my Mother in Law, and we went into the large craft store in Hull.... I ended up talking about.... Tatting!!!  Suggested that the ladies who were patchwork quilting that they might just like to take up a different hobby.... particularly as that 'earring' pattern I'm so fond of is also a patchwork quilt.... or could be if I ever decide to make it!! LOL  I also suggested that they come along to Wolds Lacemakers and learn 'something completely different'!!

Jane's TIAS came out again to play today....  Here's my entry for day 10.... now McVroom still thinks it's something to do with duck houses, It could be a windmill, or a yacht or even a kite!!, but maybe he's right and it's still a duckhouse!!  We'll find out eventually!!

It's a Right Angled Triangle!!! LOL

Chat later!

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