Wednesday, 5 February 2014

I'll let you decide....

When I was little my Dad used to tell me a story about a gentleman who was buried in a churchyard not too far from where I am now.... Mr Gent was a quiet man and used to go fishing on the Humber regularly.  In those days small round sail boats were used for fishing - known as ella's....

Mr Gent was fed up of constantly getting wet and one day he was watching the fisherman coming back with a days catch.  They would  upend the boats and carry them by the mast over their heads....

In a flash of inspiration Mr Gent realised that this was a solution for all of his problems with the rain!!  He invented the 'HumberElla'!!!

Now whether you choose to believe my Dad or not... it's a lovely story!! VBG

What was the reason for me telling you this?

Well, yesterday Jane released Day 11 of the TIAS and at the end we cut and tied the thread.  Some people have shown the 2 pieces like this:

and then decided it's a sailing boat.... McVroom & I say it's probably more like this:

and is in memory of Mr Gent and his Umbrella!!

Chat soon



  1. Love your enchanting tale of the invention of Humber'ella! If TIAS turns out to be a critter you should still name it Humber'ella. Couldn't ask for a better name.

    1. Now that's a good idea IsDihara!! If it isn't then maybe it will still be a Humber'Ella.... and if it can't be then there's a seahorse on Janes site that needs to be hatched and a name given.... LOL