Saturday, 8 February 2014

Olympic Tatting!!!

Morning All

So did you all watch the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi last night?  Brilliant wasn't it?  Does mean I'll be watching a lot of sport over the next couple of weeks.... for a start there's the 'almost re-run' of 'Cool Runnings'!!  Yes.... Jamaica have a Bobsled Team in the Winter Olympics!!!  I just hope their luggage arrives!!!  Just can't trust these airports can you??

While we were watching the olympic ceremony last night I managed to do those rings/split rings on Jane's TIAS 12....  Here it is:

Yes, I know I said no tatting last night, but I kept me old glasses on!!!  Today I've found I have to alternate between reading glasses for computer and tatting, and distance for tv!! (I can see the tv through the reading ones - they're almost good enough to drive but I wouldn't!!!)  Means I have a pair of readers that will be VERY well travelled!!  In the case, on the chair arm, in my bag, on my nose, back in the case.... Get the drift??

The other thing I did whilst watching tv was to wind the thread for another pair of earrings!!!  Pretty inevitable it's my 'favourite' pattern.... I know it off by heart!!  I'll show you when they're finished!!!

Anyway, coffee calls

Chat later


  1. Hi, Sue. I have 2 pairs of readers. I had to get a "closer up" pair for my tatting last year when I started using 80 thread. I couldn't even see the knots with the regular readers! I carry them a lot more than my regular pair, even though I can't really "read" with the tatting glasses. Can't make it simple, eh?

  2. I know just how you mean Grace.... I carry around my readers all the time, and my distance specs are ALWAYS on the end of my nose (unless they're replaced with the aforementioned readers!) I can't see anything without specs!!