Thursday, 13 February 2014

Behind Every....

... bout of 'orrible weather.... there's always something to make you smile!!

Yesterday we had that revolting RED wind warning for Wales, South & West of the UK.... Here in Yorkshire we had rain, wind, rain, wind and sometimes they were together!!  Horizontal rain is not fun to be out in!!

Anyway, as you probably know I'm a 'Lollipop Lady'... (School Crossing Patrol)!  I missed rain by about 10 minutes yesterday morning, and yesterday afternoon it was throwing it down when I went up to my patrol point!  10 minutes later there was this:

Rainbows always make me smile!!  Even though it was still blowing a gale and a half!!

That's why I used Rainbow Taffy on Janes TIAS!!  As Day 14 is up today, this is my offering!!

It's definitely going to be some sort of a 'HumberElla'!!! LOL  That's my name for it, whatever it is!!! (Thanks for the suggestion IsDihara!!)

Incidentally, I'm hoping to be going to 'Somewhere just North of Bristol' at the beginning of next month!!  We're travelling by car.... long as the motorways are open!!  Travelling there and back in one day, Himself is coming too... that way we can spell the driving!! (and snooze part of the way!!... promise not to do it while I'm driving.... LOL)

Now I am working on something else as well... 2 things in fact... one is a hanky edging which is progressing slowly, and the other is a surprise!!!  Ok, ok... I know you hate surprises... or at least waiting impatiently to find out what it is... but suffice to say it's something out of a book by Martha Ess!!!

Chat later!!  Off for a coffee now!


  1. Wonderful picture of that rainbow!!! :)
    I like the colors in your TIAS!! :)

  2. Thanks God's Kid. I love Rainbow Colours as well!! and this winter we've had more rainbows than we usually see in the winter! I think it's something to do with the amount of water we've had.... VBG