Friday, 7 February 2014

Meet Gwen...

... the Gecko!!

Gwen is one of Jane's patterns here.  She now has a new home!!  No sooner had she finished hatching than she wanted to move in with Helen... a long standing friend!!  Of course, McVroom has forgiven her.... he says that 'she's too girly for him!!'  LOL  Probably because the thread is Lizbeth Girly Girl from Roseground and he's 'too masculine' for a Girly Girl!!! VBG

Now she's after a cat or two for company!! VBG  Going to have to find patterns!! (Hint to Jane.... )

Been to get new specs today, went for the eye test last week, and picked them up a short while ago.... so there won't be any tatting for the rest of today.... until I get used to seeing through them!! Takes awhile for one's brain to adjust you know.... LOL

Anyway, Gwen makes number 3 in my 25 motif in a year challenge!!  Not too bad as we're only in the second week of February!

What next me wonders???

Chat later!!


  1. I am not a gecko fan, but that one is awesome!!! :)

  2. Thanks God's Kid!! Helen thought so too.... that's how come Gwen went to a new home!!