Thursday, 27 February 2014

Just Heard....

.... that one of my favourite suppliers of all time has just received a large shipment of Tatting supplies, including the new Lizbeth Twizl thread in size 20!!

It's Roseground!!

I think these are the same price as all the other Lizbeth threads!  Had to share the information as there aren't many places here in the UK that you can get supplies for tatting!!

Also they have now a selection of items for tatting onto - these having an eyelet to tat into

Cotton Embroidered 9.5ins sq. cotton Handkerchiefs:----£4.75
4ins round centre with eyelets for tatting --£2.75
6 ins as above   --£3.85

oval mats are 9.25ins x  6ins, also the small scallop shape are 9,75ins x  6ins, both are in cotton price £4.00

I'm not anything to do with them.... just a VERY satisfied customer!! Can't wait for Harrogate Lace Fair at the end of March now.... and I'm saving me pennies!!!

Right, have I got anything to share with you....  as you know it was Half Term here last week, and I think I was busier than usual!!!  Crazy isn't it??  My hankie edging has just 3 repeats to go and it's finished... I'm tatting a couple of other bits that I'll show you when they're finished, one in a DMC thread (coton a broder size 25) that I found in a shop at a silly price.... so I bought a few in different colours!!  (as you do!!)

Have you seen the mice and the hedgehogs that Jane has been doing?  I NEED that book!!!!  

When our daughter was little she fell in love with a pair of red fur lined boots... Mum said 'No' because they were an over inflated price for the time....and also Madame wanted them.... Mum said:

I want doesn't get!!

 Madame waited for Grandma to come down...

'Grandma, can we go shopping?'

Grandma took her....

Grandma, have you seen these red boots?  I NEED them to keep my toesies nice and warm!!'

Yes, they came home with them!!

She was 3!!! and has had a shoe fetish ever since!!

So.... I'll repeat it.... wonder if it will work.... 'I NEED that BOOK'!! VBG

Anyway, off to make a coffee and do some tatting for 10 minutes or so!!

Chat later!

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