Monday, 28 July 2014

It's All Very Well....

... But has anyone any idea as to where my own particular Bc3 has decamped to?? I'm sure it involves a long cool drink and a sunshade!! Vbg

This morning I'm back child and dog squishing at my friends house... Now getting up at 5.30am isn't usually a major problem!  However, we were supporting a midnight walk for a local charity on Saturday night! Got drenched in a sudden downpour about 2am!! Eventually arrived home at 4am on Sunday!!

Anyway, I had a great idea yesterday... Make the windmill that Jane posted the other day!  Left the other colour thread at home....

Just got as far as this: 

And bc3 or maybe she's hiding and its bc1 that's done a bunk...

I've just told Jane the patterns wrong... That she has a split ring the wrong way round.... It's me!!! Brain dead!!! Lol. I tell you all 2 cells have packed their bags and gone..  If you find them can you send them home please!! You'll spot them easily... They're the ones muttering strange and incoherent threats and are usually spotted with knotted hankies and bells!! Rofl.

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