Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Eye Egg Spect!!

So, this egg that I showed you the other day... As I said at the time it wasn't finished! I didn't get chance to finish it on Monday as we went out with MIL for lunch!

However, yesterday was rather different... Yes I was out... Looking after Li'l Miss for a while as Mummy had some photos to sort after a wedding, but Li'l Miss fell asleep and so I did a bit... Finished it off whilst catching up on the Monty Python I'd missed on Sunday!

Here you are:

Now I 'egg spect' that you know what I'm going to use it for... But in case you don't....

You see, when you get to be a VERY short sighted OG like me and can't get on with those vari-focal whatsits, then you need distance and reading specs.... and I have no intention of wearing cords on Both pairs!!!  So this is one solution!!!  BTW - 19 down, 6 to go on the 25 motif challenge!!! Eye egg spect comments on the pun!! Lol

Chat later


  1. Great idea!!! Looks wonderful!!! :)

  2. Your creation is very egg-ceptional. What a clever idea. I egg-pect all your friends will want one of their own. Does it have a pin back?

  3. Thanks Batty Tatter! Yes it does have a pin back! Safety pin!!