Friday, 18 July 2014

And now for something....

... I would say, completely different, but....

First off, my fingers are slipping.... the last post saying Today's the Day was supposed to go on 13th July NOT the 12th!! VBG.... making myself a whole day older than I am and that will NEVER do!! LOL

It's one of Jane's patterns that I just 'had' to try out!!

This is what I took with me to Center Parcs last weekend, but I didn't get it finished till last night!!  Oh those loom bands!! LOL  It makes number 18 of the 25 for this year finished!!!

The pattern is here, and it was done in Lizbeth twirlz, with some 'rainbow taffy' and white.  I enjoyed doing it!!

Now to go back to designing.... gotta 'bangle' last night and I want to design something to fit!!  Off to the drawing shuttles in the garden methinks!!  Or, back to the hat!!!!

Chat soon


  1. Thanks Gods Kid!! I enjoyed doing it and the centre bead was i my stash, but not enough of them to 'make' anything 'cept something like this!!

  2. Very cute ! I love what Jane has been creating with these bands.
    I like the way your loom band has also taken the shape of a flower - very nicely done :-))

    1. Thanks Muskaan!! It ended up 'flower shaped, because 'somebody's shuttles' didn't behave themselves and they made the picots on the first round too small, and then made the joins a little tight!!! It had nothing to do with me.... (much!!! LOL)