Saturday, 12 July 2014

Today's the Day!!

Jane said that I must turn 21 today. Vbg ! Actually she's wrong... I'll be 42!! Or 6.... Let me explain... 

Some years ago a crazy Dutch friend decided she was never going to be the ripe old age of 40!!

I agree with her!! So... The decision was made that for that year and the following decade we would be known as 39+1.... Then it would increase by one year for the next decade thus making us 41.... This means we'd never reach that revolting figure of 4 decades!!!  That would last for another decade....

So today I have a real birthday instead of an unbirthday (which happens in the intervening years...) and I will be 42!!!!

Or... You can say that I'm 6... 4 + 2 is 6!!

Not sure what we are doing today but while they are on an aerial challenge I'm taking Li'l Miss to the Pancake House!!

Chat later!

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