Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Is finished!!! Now for the ribbon band then the brim!!  Mind you it will probably take a bit to do the band... Lol

I 'draped' it over a kitchen towel to show you!! At last... A good reason to have a kitchen towel!! Vbg

However... Being the ever resourceful, kind, considerate OG that I am. Lol.. Here it is again... On the back of my head this time!!

Sir says it looks like a skull cap!! It won't when its finished! Vbg

Been child squishing this morning and we are baby squishing this afternoon!!! Can you tell I like kids?? Wouldn't do my job as a lollipop lady if I didn't!  Had to write party invites for them this morning.... Mum ran out of time before she went to work.... so yours truly finished them off for her!! Lol mind you this afternoon I'll be with Sir as we're taking li'l Miss out!!  She needs to be back home for around 3 though.... that's when she has her afternoon 'nap'!!  Looking forward to that!!  

Although.... can someone please explain why it is that I end up telling all of Madams growed up friends that when they have kids, the reason that Grannies are around is to give the babies/li'l kids lots of attention and Mum or Dad some peace!!??!!

Onnyhow... off to make coffee now!!

Chat soon


  1. That's going to be a good fit for the hat. Is that your 'best' side, by the way?!?!?!

    1. Ooh you guessed!!! LOL Most certainly is.... the hair is still dark round there rather than the 'mucky white' it is at the front!!! Also you can't see the 'OG' face!!! VBG

  2. Looks like you are doing an amazing job on that hat!!! :)