Thursday, 3 July 2014

My Favourite....

... Roses are the topic of conversation today!!  (Before I go and be nosey on the other blogs!! LOL)  You know the song from the Sound of Music.... 'Raindrops on Roses, and whiskers on kittens....  Now I've got you singing it's bound to rain today!!! ROTFL

First up is an old climber rose.... it's my favourite pink and is thornless!!!

Zepherine's Dhrouin is her name and her scent is just lovely in an evening!!  Dad used to have it clambering all over the back of his garage!!

The second one is still an old rose.... I seem to remember it was produced just before the 2nd world war and was called Papa Meilland, however it was 'stored' during the war and released after the end of it and renamed Peace!

Aren't they lovely??  Well I think so!!

Rhubarb is coming on apace, we thought it had died, but a spoonful of phostrogen brought it back to life!!  Thanks to my green fingered hubby who HATES rhubarb!!!  All the more for me!! VBG  Mind you, at least I'm not making pot of strawberry jam this year, they seem to be not producing anywhere near as much as last year!! (Phew!) and the rasps are ready to pick, the blackcurrants won't be long either!!  Eeh, with all this it's a wonder that I have time to tat!!

Right, off to be nosey at this 'ere new pattern of Janes.... and what to do with those loom bands!!! VBG

Chat later!

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