Friday, 4 July 2014


.... That would make a great song title wouldn't it?? VBG

Anyway.... yesterday I received a parcel through the post.  Wasn't expecting a parcel, and it didn't look as though it was a birthday present a little early, and apart from that Sir had one the same, so it couldn't be could it?!

Opened it:

A white box with Waterman written on it!


A blue box with Waterman written on it.... the plot thickens!!


A Gorgeous Rollerball Pen!!

It's a gift from a company that we have shares in, and they've reached 500,000 customers!  So they've sent us a present!!  It writes lovely!!  Now you can guarantee I don't have to sign anything for weeks!! LOL  I'll be looking for things to write down, and NOT on the computer!!!

It's the juniors sports day today.... all the kids have to go in the 'colour' of the team they're in.... now when our kids were at school we got to know what team it was about a week before so the parents could make sure there was a tshirt to fit child in said colour.... when did the kids get to know the color??  Yesterday!! (that song title again.... VBG).  There are a lot of kids this morning in white!! instead of blue, green, red or yellow!!  I ended up with all colours in most sizes when ours were little!!! LOL

It was class night last night, and I am NOT going to show you what I was doing!!  It's a Me Design and it's not quite finished yet.... only 2 tiny bits to go, but I ran out of time!!  Then I'll write out the pattern so it can be read rather than my cryptic notes to me.... it's going in something special!!!!  Now that's got you interested hasn't it??  (Wonder if I should hand write the pattern with that pen.... (runs away muttering to self....))

Chat soon!!

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