Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Now it's started!

What has??

Well, first up.... the Brim!!!  Here you go:

Think it will take a while, that bit was done in the garden yesterday!  Also, I was 'presented' with one of those loom band bracelets that seem to be all the rage amongst the kids at school at the moment....

Here you are:

Lovely isn't it??  And before you all say about my being brown.... just remember.... I'm a. outside in all weathers, b. it is a typical British Summer here, and c. we have had a week in Tenerife!!! VBG Wonder what else one can do with them....

As well as all this (very busy day yesterday.... LOL) Li'l Miss has found out how to scoot forwards.... yes folks, she's crawling!!!  One of their cats is NOT impressed!!!  He objects to having his tail pulled while he's eating!!  Poor Kitty!!

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  1. Your answer will be tomorrow!!!! I know you've seen my blog post!!!!