Monday, 21 July 2014

Summer showers...

This morning I was hoping to show you a fast tat from last night that I was doing over a glass of wine, and watching Monty Python live at the O2 arena. No we weren't there!! Watching it on the tv!

However the powers that be had other ideas!  I was called out by the Environment Agency because the next big village west of us was flooded! 4 miles away and we had only about 10 minutes of rain, not the monsoon they had!!

Got back about midnight so I did a little before I went to bed. It's one of Sally Kersons tats:

It's over on her blog and I'll show you it finished tomorrow!

Chat later!


  1. Wow a flood! Here down South it is dry as a bone, the earth is cracking, there has been little rain, strange how just the next village away from you could have been so effected. Ah I see an egg!

  2. Crazy isn't it? In 15 miles it went from Monsoon to Dry!! We've been asking for rain for the garden over the last few weeks, now we have a bit, enough to top up our rain barrels again, but not floods!!

    Yes you did spy an egg.... I will get chance to finish it.... maybe even today!!