Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Almost there!!

Now many of you will know that I've been following Jane E's Tat it and See challenge for this year!!  It's almost finished.... only one more 'day' to go!!! SHAME!!!! VBG  What on earth will I do when it's finished??

Anyway, here is todays offering!  Pinking Shears!!!  Yes you do know what Pinking shears are.... them 'scissors what cuts zigzags!!!' Rofl

I've managed to tat it even with a shoulder that's still aching after yesterdays debacle... and a cut on my hand that's still weeping a little!!  Least it'll stop my shuttles from sobbing quietly because there's nobody wants to play with them!!

Managed to get my boot on today too... so I was back at school this morning!!  (For those that don't know.... I'se a Lollipop Lady!!)  Freezing cold it was.... AND snowing!!  Suns out now and so the snow that fell where it had thawed yesterday will thaw again today.... then if it snows overnight we'll have the whole scenario of silly car drivers AGAIN!!!  Why on earth they think that they can stop on a sixpence in icy conditions beats me!!  They drive as if the road was dry in midsummer and then wonder why they skid!!!  And no it's not all men or youngsters either!!!  Hate to say it but the School Run Mums seem to be the worst!!  Too busy making the kids behave in the cars!!!  Some of those that walked this morning brought the kids on sledges.... and didn't think about a nice slidy sledge when they pulled it at a run up a slope... what happens when you get to the top adjacent to the road and you need to turn.... a number of sledges almost ended up IN the road where the madcap drivers are!!!  Fortunately there were no accidents!!  Mind you one of the littlies came up this morning clutching the Biggest Snowball he could carry!!!  It was about a foot across!!!  Dread to think what will happen this afternoon when it's melted!!!  Poor Mum will have some explaining to do!!

Shame I can't do the same as I used to when the kids were younger... make snowballs, hide them round the corner of the house and pelt the kids as they came up the track outside our house!!  Got them any number of times!! VBG  Nowadays they've growed up and left home or are at work till silly am!!  Young Sir doesn't get in till 2.30 am'ish!!!  I'm not about to pelt him then!!  Also, nowadays he can throw harder than me and with better accuracy!!!! Rofl (Ow!!)

Right, coffee

Chat later

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