Sunday, 8 February 2015


Those of you that read Jane's blog yesterday would have met Sir Arnie.... a beautiful 'bobble' bee made by Fox a while ago!!  Underneath it Maureen in Oz had made a comment about Sir Arnie and Al.... and that she thought that it was about time Al was Knighted!!!

So, I had a quiet word with Al while he was eyeing up Young Sir's new fish.... and mentioned to him that Maureen thought it was a great idea to send their Prime Minister across to give him this Knighthood!!   You won't believe his reply!!!

Nope, not telling you because you're all being too Nosey!!!! VBG

Going to tell you about fish instead!!  Young Sir had a flat of his own for a while, and a couple of years ago he split up with his girlfriend and decided to move back home!! (Why didn't I change the locks???) Anyway, to save him lots of money on the flat we said it was OK.... and Sir helped him move.... including a fish tank that was NOT part of his 'accompaniments' when he moved out!!  South African Cyclids for those of you that know fish!! and a plec!!! (catfish!!).... not a huge plec, but.... a plec!  Anyway, for almost 2 years I've been feeding these things day in, day out, usually while I'm waiting for the kettle for the first coffee of the day!!  The only time he feeds them is if we're away!!!

Anyway, today he decided that this 'ere plec was just too big for his tank!!  So they took him out and put him in a bucket!!  Off he went to the petshop with Sir Large Plec and came back with.... 2 babies for me to fatten!!!

So.... nothing else to tell you....  What???  You mean you REALLY want to know what Al's comment was???  OK, Ok..... He said that he didn't mind in the least meeting with Maureen's Prime Minister.... but could she please tell said PM that his name is NOT Cyril!!!  (Sir Al.... Cyril.... get it)  Obviously you did because I can hear the groans from here!!! Rofl

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