Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Guess What....

What??   Oh you mean you want to know what you're supposed to be guessing!!!  Yes??  Ok, ok, ok... I'll get round to telling you eventually!!! LOL

Monday night we had snow... around 5-6cm of it which in this area of the country is fairly rare!!  In fact we ain't had any snow at all for 2 years!!  Came as a bit of a culture shock I can tell you!  The whole village ground to a complete standstill for over 2 hours!!!  No point in calling an ambulance or fire engine... you simply stood no chance of them getting through!!  We had complete Gridlock!!  The cause? an overturned vehicle in one direction and a jacknifed lorry in the other!!

Bet you're asking now just how I got to school through it.... snappy catch answer is ... I didn't!!  Checking to make sure Young Sir had got back OK at around 3.30 this morning I missed my footing and slipped down the stairs skinning my leg from toe to knee at the front!!  The bruises will be fully spectacular when they come out properly!!!  Couldn't get me shoe on first thing... so our supervisor told me to take the day off!!!  And yes, he did get home OK, albeit over half an hour later than anticipated given the riding conditions at 2am!!  Thick snow and black ice do not make for decent motorbike riding, particularly when you have 'idiot van drivers' cutting you up on bends!!!  Oh am I pleased I made him take his very first compulsory bike test in the snow!!

Anyway, just to make me feel better I managed to have a good look through the 'Guess What'... Ooh you are nosey.... it's this:

Postman brought it during the day on Monday for me!!  However I was out in the afternoon and so didn't get a good chance to look through it!!  Amazon sent it because somebody had left it in their inbox and went and ordered some Feliway for the cats and forgot it was there!!  Thought that Feliway was a bit OTT!!! VBG  Now I've got even more in my 'todo' list!!! Rofl  Just need to collect the rest of them!! VBG

Anyway, think I hear soup being served out... chat later!!


  1. OWCH over the fall. Hope you get better soon.

  2. Sounds painful - not good that you can't get your shoe on. I can't imagine being housebound by snow, I didn't see snow until I was well over 20 years old and I hated it!. To me, housebound means hiding from the heatwave in airconditioning with a jug of Pimms....