Saturday, 7 February 2015

That's That!!

What is??  Well, I'm sure it's come to your attention over a lot of the tatting blogs that there has been a Tat It And See running over on Jane E's TIAS blog!!

It came to an end today.... (sad face), I've thoroughly enjoyed doing it for the THIRD time!!!  First of all I ended up with a pram (I'd just come back to tatting after an almost 40 year break!!), then last year we ended up with a Fishing Boat!!!  This year??? It's a SNIP this year!!!! LOL

Ok.... here you go, I'll show you.....

Happy Now???? VBG

I've thoroughly enjoyed doing them, and guessing what the finished item would be... everything from Rabbits to an Elephant's Foot Umbrella Stand.... items from Dr Who to cowboys had been suggested... they were all wrong!!!  (Shame!!! I quite liked the idea of the EFUS!!!... Maybe next year??)

Now I've got to go back to thinking what to do next.... what to do when I'm having my morning coffee!!!  the major challenge is that it can't contain beads, or buttons really.... otherwise I've got lots of 'stuff' that can fall in the coffee!!!  That will NEVER do!!

Oooh.... hankie edging maybe???  That should take a while!!  Long as the cats don't hide it for me!!! Rofl

So, the TIAS has ended for another year... Thanks for the Fun again Jane!!! Boring January brightened by guesses!!!!  FUN!!!!  As Jane herself says.... if you fancy running one.... Contact her!!!!

Chat later