Friday, 20 February 2015

Sacked Cats or What A Week!!

Miss me???  I've just got to the end (I hope) of one of 'those' weeks!!!  You know the sort.... everything is hunky dory and you think you'll have loads of time to do whatever.... and then 'things' just happen!!!

To start off with, MIL decided that it would be a good idea to 'stick her nose' on the pavement!!  Not literally me dears!!! LOL  She tripped over nothing and ended up in A&E a week ago with a broken thumb, bruises over both hands and a face that looked as if she'd done 3 rounds with a prize Boxer!!! (Where her glasses had pushed into her face!!)  Back Saturday to have a temporary cast put on!

So... between Friday and Saturday we'd done 3 trips to the hospital!!!  Sunday was a tad easier, except that Young Sir and his girlfriend had gone to London on a weekend trip, and I got messages from both of them on both Saturday and Sunday!!!

Now it was half term this week, so there was yours truly looking forward to a week of R&R...  Monday morning.... Sun's Out!!!  YEAY!!! 3 loads of washing!!  Monday afternoon and early evening were spent 'baby squishing'... (playing with granddaughter!!)  Tuesday was spent with the washing again, and Tuesday evening was a council meeting!

I got me time on Wednesday!!!  After we'd done Chris's usual trip to Beverley and sat by the river with coffee n a bacon sarnie for brekkie.... my (dog friendly household...) friend invited me for a 'play session' with some new rubber stamps that she'd got!!  WHOLE afternoon!!!! Brilliant!!!!

Yesterday by comparison was 'orrible'!!  Or at least most of it.... Beverley, Hull to take MIL back to A&E to have temporary cast changed, and got back here in time to do Young Sir's pack up, bite to eat and then back to Beverley!  Back home and last night was LOADS better.... lace with my Crazy Dutch Friend!!

Also, I've SACKED THE CATS!!! 3 cats in the house and a mouse (called Jerry I think....Rofl) helping itself to catfood in the cupboard!!  Had to resort to 'other methods' of rodent ridding!!  Unless of course he'd come to 'play' with Al!!! VBG

So... in the midst of all this I did find time for Some Tatting!!!  Part of a hankie edging (over half way round), and managed to finish this:

First of many Starry Button Sets methinks!!!  Gaudi style this set is!!  White buttons, Rainbow Splash, a Yellow Anchor thread, silver lined green, white and 'oily' seed beads!!!!  Sally K.... you are DEAD RIGHT!!! They ARE addictive!!!!

Showed them to said Dutch Friend last night and got presented with .... More Buttons!!!  I shall make her a set.... Right... where did I put that myriad of seed beads....

Walks away muttering to self...


  1. It sounds as though it's been a hectic week for you! - over here , just for a change, we are having a little cyclone.Blackouts two days ago which always make me cross if they have not been anticipated in time for me to boil a thermos full of water first - rain rain rain. I hope your poor MIL recovers from her fall. Usually when that type of accident happens, it's the wrist that breaks.

    1. Thought it was summer over there Maureen!! She'll recover.... I got told off when they were putting the pot on.... suggested they 'pot' her mouth to keep her quiet!!! VBG

  2. What a week for you. Glad everything is coming together in the right way though! Love your sense of humour! And your tatting VBG.