Monday, 9 February 2015

T'ats A Lot!!!

Yes I know you're asking ... 'What's a Lot'??? Well, if you give me time to explain I may just tell you!!!

Remember that a certain 'OG" has a shop over on Etsy??  Yes you do you can find it Here!!!!  Well.... 'somebody' fell in love with something over on there!!  To cut a loooong story short... this arrived in the post yesterday!!  Ooh you are nosey!!!  Asking what!!!  This!!!  Ermm.... sorry about the 'pink hue' on the pics.... well I'm not really, but the sun was shining!!!!  It's sunlight bouncing off me red jumper what I've got on folks!!  Summat we don't see very often in the winter!!

Wonderful bag.... soooo cute!!  Right, so, what can you get in one of these bags to take up so little room....

Here's my list of 'stuff'!!

4 'thread holders' (the plastic type - for 'kumihimo')
4 shuttles, complete with tatting!!
safety pins
thread cutter
2 picot gauges
2 crochet hooks
2 patterns
beading needle
and a tin to 'store' the beads, buttons, some 'findings', and beading needle complete with thread!!!  Oh, and a trolley token!! (It's on the 'chain' through the cutter n picot gauges!!)

And I've still got room in there for another couple of shuttles!!!

Eeh, we are really nosey aren't we???  OK... the 'edge (wavy line) is an edging for the hankie that's in there.... It's the 'Oh So Simple' one! It was started last night so that I can do it in the car on the way to a funeral up in Newcastle!  And the beads are for the 'other' pair of shuttles.... a Starry Button Bracelet!!  Because I want to see what it looks like!!!

Hehe.... that means I can get EVERYTHING I need for a weeks holiday in there!!!!  YEAY!!! 

chat later.... off to 'play' now!!


  1. Wow you get get so much in one bag. Just love the bracelet you are making, be careful they can become very addictive

    1. LOL... I love jewellery anyway Sally!!! Will be 'giving them away' to DD, maybe future DD?? VBG

  2. Your edging and bracelet both look like they are off to a fabulous start!!! :)

  3. I love my little Squared Away Bag - great design. Another holiday! - where to this time?

    1. Not till May and our usual week in Tenerife!!! Looking forward to the warmth!!!! Lol