Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Today is....

My son's 23rd Birthday!!!  So.... Happy Birthday to Young Sir!! Noooo... don't sing to him!!!  First off... he's still asleep and second it's SUNNY here for a change!!! LOL

Now, these 'ere earwigs I seem to be addicted to making....

Here's ANOTHER pair!!

Gold, 2 shades of blue, white and yellow seed beads on that pair  with pink twirlz and med daffodil yellow!!  That's the third of 3 pairs, and I'm considering making a bracelet to go with it!!  Here's the other 2 to remind you...

That's the first one, with the bracelet.

That's the second pair with the 'drop'.

Right, coffee cake to make and coffee to drink!!

Chat later!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Miss! I'm wondering about a matching bracelet too!!

  2. Set in green and purple/blue is my favorite :-)

    1. Gutermann size 9 greens (Christmas Green), white 'chinese' seeds in between rings, and 'chinese' 'oily black' on the buttons!!! The thread was bright yellow on the outside and Rainbow Splash (Lizbeth) for the rings!!!! Wonderful isn't it?? My OH calls it the 'Gaudi' set!!