Monday, 23 February 2015

And Another....

... pair of Earwigs!!!

Now before a certain OG starts muttering about the number of Earwigs another OG has.... can I point out that I've been asked to take some 'different' ones to a meeting in a few weeks time... someone is interested in purchasing a pair or two!!  Also, I was gifted some buttons the other night, and it's rude not to 'offer' something in return isn't it??  So the Gifter will have the choice of earwigs too!!!  My excuse and I'm Sticking To It!!!!

So, not content with a pair of earwigs and a bracelet (remember the last post.... Gaudi Style???), same pattern, different threads and beads.... it just shows what a difference the choice of thread and bead can make to something!!  I'll put both up so you can see what I mean!!

Right, this is the 'New pair', size 11 beads in 4 different colours, and plain yellow thread (just a single colour, not one for rings and one for chain....)

Need wires and the ends finishing.... the 'bottom' bead is a pale green 'dagger' from my stash.  They remind me of Sunflowers!!

This is the 'set' from the last post....

The thread was Rainbow Splash and a yellow, oily, white and green beads in size 9!!!  In RL they look ENTIRELY different!!!!

Now on a third pair.... pink this time.... will show you when they're done!!!  However, I MUST mend friends daughters' skirt....  school skirt that's sooo tight she keeps splitting the seams!!!  I keep sewing it up for her!!!  5th time since last September!!! Crackers!!

Chat soon!