Friday, 6 February 2015

I Saw A...

There on the ...
Where on the...
Right there!

A Little Mouse with....

Right, now I've got you all singing!! I'll tell you what I really mean!! (Don't make it rain please with the singing....) LOL

As some of you know, Thursday night is Lace making night!!  I get together with my crazy Dutch friend round her Craft room table!  It used to be a 'spare' bedroom, but it's now a craft room, which is brilliant for working on anything!!  We've painted lace bobbns (well, her sister has), crocheted mice (again her sister), made lace, taught lace, made spiders,.... all sorts of things!!  Also once a month we go to Teach's house so she can help if we've 'got stuck'!!

Anyway, last night Al managed to come with me!!  Said CDF says he looks more like a baby rat than a mouse, but still... he went along to find out just what sort of things we do!!  Being a nosey sort of mousyrat... he decided he HAD to sit on my lace pillow while we went for coffee!!!

When I got back I found him doing this!!

Nosey thing!! He insists that he was just 'inspecting'!! VBG  He promised that he hadn't touched anything and I couldn't see any 'chewed threads', so I think he did behave himself!! Rofl

For those of you that like to know these things.... the pattern is a Bedfordshire Lace pattern designed by Christine Springett!!  I'm about a third of the way round the whole thing!!

Also, I got this pic from Mummy...

Li'l Miss sitting on the lounge windowsill with Mummy watching that funny white stuff!!!  Yes, their lounge is on the first floor!!  They live in a 3 storey house!!  They quite often get furry kitties on the outside of the other window... the monsters walk along the fence, jump up onto the kitchen roof and climb up to ask to be let in!!!  Much to Li'l Miss's amusement!!

Right, coffee n stuff..

Chat later


  1. I am in awe of all those pins - lace made with bobbins is a total mystery to me! Lovely picture of Little Miss watching the snow - is that a traditional Viyella dress she's wearing? I used to love Viyella, so sad it's not made anymore. I hung onto all the baby things I made from it, but here in Qld it's never really cold enough.

    1. Not sure Maureen.... I'll ask Mummy when I see her next week!! As for the lace.... it's not as difficult as people have you believe... if you can count to 4 you can make lace!! The pattern is drawn for you!! LOL After all, lacemakers 200 years ago were relatively illiterate, some couldn't even write their names, let alone read!! If they could make lace..... LOL