Monday, 2 February 2015

Another Pair!!

Of Earwigs!!!

First of all though.... please can someone make spring come soon.... please!!  I'se been freezing again this morning!!  Temp was still below freezing and I know just what that Dalmation meant.... 'Even my liccle toes is froze'  Well nearly!!! LOL  What do you mean you don't remember a dalmation... bet you do!! 101 of them in fact!!! Rofl

Remember this?

Yes you do!!  It's the Linnea Pattern by Marilee Rockley!!!

Well I had to have a pair of earwigs to go with it didn't I??  What did I pick as the pattern?  This one by Jane E.... fun to do!!

I told you all this on Friday didn't I???  Oh Yes I Did!!! Look: Same colour thread and beads!!  Not the same beads tho.... because the gold ones on the bracelet would be too big for earwigs!!  They'd weigh me liccle ears down so they would!! VBG  Now the question is... do I do another one to make a pendant????  Yes or No???  Then I'd have a set wouldn't I?? Bracelet, Earwigs and neck adornment!!!!  Yes Of Course I have a spare shuttle!!!! LOL

Onnyhow... I'se busy again... this time I thought I'd do a Starry Button Whatsit!!  White beads, dark metallic beads, green beads on rainbow splash n yellow!!!  Only just started so its not worth showing you!  No!!! You will have to wait!!!

Mind you, think I'd better get the next TIAS done sharpish... VBG  Ok... Ok... here you are:

Oh, and the reason that pic is better than the others.... Somebody just took a cleaning cloth to the phone's camera lens!!!! VBG

Off to get warm round coffee now!!

Chat later!