Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Today is....

My son's 23rd Birthday!!!  So.... Happy Birthday to Young Sir!! Noooo... don't sing to him!!!  First off... he's still asleep and second it's SUNNY here for a change!!! LOL

Now, these 'ere earwigs I seem to be addicted to making....

Here's ANOTHER pair!!

Gold, 2 shades of blue, white and yellow seed beads on that pair  with pink twirlz and med daffodil yellow!!  That's the third of 3 pairs, and I'm considering making a bracelet to go with it!!  Here's the other 2 to remind you...

That's the first one, with the bracelet.

That's the second pair with the 'drop'.

Right, coffee cake to make and coffee to drink!!

Chat later!

Monday, 23 February 2015

And Another....

... pair of Earwigs!!!

Now before a certain OG starts muttering about the number of Earwigs another OG has.... can I point out that I've been asked to take some 'different' ones to a meeting in a few weeks time... someone is interested in purchasing a pair or two!!  Also, I was gifted some buttons the other night, and it's rude not to 'offer' something in return isn't it??  So the Gifter will have the choice of earwigs too!!!  My excuse and I'm Sticking To It!!!!

So, not content with a pair of earwigs and a bracelet (remember the last post.... Gaudi Style???), same pattern, different threads and beads.... it just shows what a difference the choice of thread and bead can make to something!!  I'll put both up so you can see what I mean!!

Right, this is the 'New pair', size 11 beads in 4 different colours, and plain yellow thread (just a single colour, not one for rings and one for chain....)

Need wires and the ends finishing.... the 'bottom' bead is a pale green 'dagger' from my stash.  They remind me of Sunflowers!!

This is the 'set' from the last post....

The thread was Rainbow Splash and a yellow, oily, white and green beads in size 9!!!  In RL they look ENTIRELY different!!!!

Now on a third pair.... pink this time.... will show you when they're done!!!  However, I MUST mend friends daughters' skirt....  school skirt that's sooo tight she keeps splitting the seams!!!  I keep sewing it up for her!!!  5th time since last September!!! Crackers!!

Chat soon!

Friday, 20 February 2015

Sacked Cats or What A Week!!

Miss me???  I've just got to the end (I hope) of one of 'those' weeks!!!  You know the sort.... everything is hunky dory and you think you'll have loads of time to do whatever.... and then 'things' just happen!!!

To start off with, MIL decided that it would be a good idea to 'stick her nose' on the pavement!!  Not literally me dears!!! LOL  She tripped over nothing and ended up in A&E a week ago with a broken thumb, bruises over both hands and a face that looked as if she'd done 3 rounds with a prize Boxer!!! (Where her glasses had pushed into her face!!)  Back Saturday to have a temporary cast put on!

So... between Friday and Saturday we'd done 3 trips to the hospital!!!  Sunday was a tad easier, except that Young Sir and his girlfriend had gone to London on a weekend trip, and I got messages from both of them on both Saturday and Sunday!!!

Now it was half term this week, so there was yours truly looking forward to a week of R&R...  Monday morning.... Sun's Out!!!  YEAY!!! 3 loads of washing!!  Monday afternoon and early evening were spent 'baby squishing'... (playing with granddaughter!!)  Tuesday was spent with the washing again, and Tuesday evening was a council meeting!

I got me time on Wednesday!!!  After we'd done Chris's usual trip to Beverley and sat by the river with coffee n a bacon sarnie for brekkie.... my (dog friendly household...) friend invited me for a 'play session' with some new rubber stamps that she'd got!!  WHOLE afternoon!!!! Brilliant!!!!

Yesterday by comparison was 'orrible'!!  Or at least most of it.... Beverley, Hull to take MIL back to A&E to have temporary cast changed, and got back here in time to do Young Sir's pack up, bite to eat and then back to Beverley!  Back home and last night was LOADS better.... lace with my Crazy Dutch Friend!!

Also, I've SACKED THE CATS!!! 3 cats in the house and a mouse (called Jerry I think....Rofl) helping itself to catfood in the cupboard!!  Had to resort to 'other methods' of rodent ridding!!  Unless of course he'd come to 'play' with Al!!! VBG

So... in the midst of all this I did find time for Some Tatting!!!  Part of a hankie edging (over half way round), and managed to finish this:

First of many Starry Button Sets methinks!!!  Gaudi style this set is!!  White buttons, Rainbow Splash, a Yellow Anchor thread, silver lined green, white and 'oily' seed beads!!!!  Sally K.... you are DEAD RIGHT!!! They ARE addictive!!!!

Showed them to said Dutch Friend last night and got presented with .... More Buttons!!!  I shall make her a set.... Right... where did I put that myriad of seed beads....

Walks away muttering to self...

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

It's THIS one!!!

Over on Jane E's blog this morning she's put her 'double sided' motif....  Well, I made one too... following her destructions of course!!

Here you go:

As she says, the pics are relatively easy to follow... and the join is simple,,, once you've got your brain round it!!!

I love it!!!  Now to get a chain....

Chat later

Monday, 9 February 2015

T'ats A Lot!!!

Yes I know you're asking ... 'What's a Lot'??? Well, if you give me time to explain I may just tell you!!!

Remember that a certain 'OG" has a shop over on Etsy??  Yes you do you can find it Here!!!!  Well.... 'somebody' fell in love with something over on there!!  To cut a loooong story short... this arrived in the post yesterday!!  Ooh you are nosey!!!  Asking what!!!  This!!!  Ermm.... sorry about the 'pink hue' on the pics.... well I'm not really, but the sun was shining!!!!  It's sunlight bouncing off me red jumper what I've got on folks!!  Summat we don't see very often in the winter!!

Wonderful bag.... soooo cute!!  Right, so, what can you get in one of these bags to take up so little room....

Here's my list of 'stuff'!!

4 'thread holders' (the plastic type - for 'kumihimo')
4 shuttles, complete with tatting!!
safety pins
thread cutter
2 picot gauges
2 crochet hooks
2 patterns
beading needle
and a tin to 'store' the beads, buttons, some 'findings', and beading needle complete with thread!!!  Oh, and a trolley token!! (It's on the 'chain' through the cutter n picot gauges!!)

And I've still got room in there for another couple of shuttles!!!

Eeh, we are really nosey aren't we???  OK... the 'edge (wavy line) is an edging for the hankie that's in there.... It's the 'Oh So Simple' one! It was started last night so that I can do it in the car on the way to a funeral up in Newcastle!  And the beads are for the 'other' pair of shuttles.... a Starry Button Bracelet!!  Because I want to see what it looks like!!!

Hehe.... that means I can get EVERYTHING I need for a weeks holiday in there!!!!  YEAY!!! 

chat later.... off to 'play' now!!

Sunday, 8 February 2015


Those of you that read Jane's blog yesterday would have met Sir Arnie.... a beautiful 'bobble' bee made by Fox a while ago!!  Underneath it Maureen in Oz had made a comment about Sir Arnie and Al.... and that she thought that it was about time Al was Knighted!!!

So, I had a quiet word with Al while he was eyeing up Young Sir's new fish.... and mentioned to him that Maureen thought it was a great idea to send their Prime Minister across to give him this Knighthood!!   You won't believe his reply!!!

Nope, not telling you because you're all being too Nosey!!!! VBG

Going to tell you about fish instead!!  Young Sir had a flat of his own for a while, and a couple of years ago he split up with his girlfriend and decided to move back home!! (Why didn't I change the locks???) Anyway, to save him lots of money on the flat we said it was OK.... and Sir helped him move.... including a fish tank that was NOT part of his 'accompaniments' when he moved out!!  South African Cyclids for those of you that know fish!! and a plec!!! (catfish!!).... not a huge plec, but.... a plec!  Anyway, for almost 2 years I've been feeding these things day in, day out, usually while I'm waiting for the kettle for the first coffee of the day!!  The only time he feeds them is if we're away!!!

Anyway, today he decided that this 'ere plec was just too big for his tank!!  So they took him out and put him in a bucket!!  Off he went to the petshop with Sir Large Plec and came back with.... 2 babies for me to fatten!!!

So.... nothing else to tell you....  What???  You mean you REALLY want to know what Al's comment was???  OK, Ok..... He said that he didn't mind in the least meeting with Maureen's Prime Minister.... but could she please tell said PM that his name is NOT Cyril!!!  (Sir Al.... Cyril.... get it)  Obviously you did because I can hear the groans from here!!! Rofl

Saturday, 7 February 2015

That's That!!

What is??  Well, I'm sure it's come to your attention over a lot of the tatting blogs that there has been a Tat It And See running over on Jane E's TIAS blog!!

It came to an end today.... (sad face), I've thoroughly enjoyed doing it for the THIRD time!!!  First of all I ended up with a pram (I'd just come back to tatting after an almost 40 year break!!), then last year we ended up with a Fishing Boat!!!  This year??? It's a SNIP this year!!!! LOL

Ok.... here you go, I'll show you.....

Happy Now???? VBG

I've thoroughly enjoyed doing them, and guessing what the finished item would be... everything from Rabbits to an Elephant's Foot Umbrella Stand.... items from Dr Who to cowboys had been suggested... they were all wrong!!!  (Shame!!! I quite liked the idea of the EFUS!!!... Maybe next year??)

Now I've got to go back to thinking what to do next.... what to do when I'm having my morning coffee!!!  the major challenge is that it can't contain beads, or buttons really.... otherwise I've got lots of 'stuff' that can fall in the coffee!!!  That will NEVER do!!

Oooh.... hankie edging maybe???  That should take a while!!  Long as the cats don't hide it for me!!! Rofl

So, the TIAS has ended for another year... Thanks for the Fun again Jane!!! Boring January brightened by guesses!!!!  FUN!!!!  As Jane herself says.... if you fancy running one.... Contact her!!!!

Chat later

Friday, 6 February 2015

I Saw A...

There on the ...
Where on the...
Right there!

A Little Mouse with....

Right, now I've got you all singing!! I'll tell you what I really mean!! (Don't make it rain please with the singing....) LOL

As some of you know, Thursday night is Lace making night!!  I get together with my crazy Dutch friend round her Craft room table!  It used to be a 'spare' bedroom, but it's now a craft room, which is brilliant for working on anything!!  We've painted lace bobbns (well, her sister has), crocheted mice (again her sister), made lace, taught lace, made spiders,.... all sorts of things!!  Also once a month we go to Teach's house so she can help if we've 'got stuck'!!

Anyway, last night Al managed to come with me!!  Said CDF says he looks more like a baby rat than a mouse, but still... he went along to find out just what sort of things we do!!  Being a nosey sort of mousyrat... he decided he HAD to sit on my lace pillow while we went for coffee!!!

When I got back I found him doing this!!

Nosey thing!! He insists that he was just 'inspecting'!! VBG  He promised that he hadn't touched anything and I couldn't see any 'chewed threads', so I think he did behave himself!! Rofl

For those of you that like to know these things.... the pattern is a Bedfordshire Lace pattern designed by Christine Springett!!  I'm about a third of the way round the whole thing!!

Also, I got this pic from Mummy...

Li'l Miss sitting on the lounge windowsill with Mummy watching that funny white stuff!!!  Yes, their lounge is on the first floor!!  They live in a 3 storey house!!  They quite often get furry kitties on the outside of the other window... the monsters walk along the fence, jump up onto the kitchen roof and climb up to ask to be let in!!!  Much to Li'l Miss's amusement!!

Right, coffee n stuff..

Chat later

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Almost there!!

Now many of you will know that I've been following Jane E's Tat it and See challenge for this year!!  It's almost finished.... only one more 'day' to go!!! SHAME!!!! VBG  What on earth will I do when it's finished??

Anyway, here is todays offering!  Pinking Shears!!!  Yes you do know what Pinking shears are.... them 'scissors what cuts zigzags!!!' Rofl

I've managed to tat it even with a shoulder that's still aching after yesterdays debacle... and a cut on my hand that's still weeping a little!!  Least it'll stop my shuttles from sobbing quietly because there's nobody wants to play with them!!

Managed to get my boot on today too... so I was back at school this morning!!  (For those that don't know.... I'se a Lollipop Lady!!)  Freezing cold it was.... AND snowing!!  Suns out now and so the snow that fell where it had thawed yesterday will thaw again today.... then if it snows overnight we'll have the whole scenario of silly car drivers AGAIN!!!  Why on earth they think that they can stop on a sixpence in icy conditions beats me!!  They drive as if the road was dry in midsummer and then wonder why they skid!!!  And no it's not all men or youngsters either!!!  Hate to say it but the School Run Mums seem to be the worst!!  Too busy making the kids behave in the cars!!!  Some of those that walked this morning brought the kids on sledges.... and didn't think about a nice slidy sledge when they pulled it at a run up a slope... what happens when you get to the top adjacent to the road and you need to turn.... a number of sledges almost ended up IN the road where the madcap drivers are!!!  Fortunately there were no accidents!!  Mind you one of the littlies came up this morning clutching the Biggest Snowball he could carry!!!  It was about a foot across!!!  Dread to think what will happen this afternoon when it's melted!!!  Poor Mum will have some explaining to do!!

Shame I can't do the same as I used to when the kids were younger... make snowballs, hide them round the corner of the house and pelt the kids as they came up the track outside our house!!  Got them any number of times!! VBG  Nowadays they've growed up and left home or are at work till silly am!!  Young Sir doesn't get in till 2.30 am'ish!!!  I'm not about to pelt him then!!  Also, nowadays he can throw harder than me and with better accuracy!!!! Rofl (Ow!!)

Right, coffee

Chat later

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Guess What....

What??   Oh you mean you want to know what you're supposed to be guessing!!!  Yes??  Ok, ok, ok... I'll get round to telling you eventually!!! LOL

Monday night we had snow... around 5-6cm of it which in this area of the country is fairly rare!!  In fact we ain't had any snow at all for 2 years!!  Came as a bit of a culture shock I can tell you!  The whole village ground to a complete standstill for over 2 hours!!!  No point in calling an ambulance or fire engine... you simply stood no chance of them getting through!!  We had complete Gridlock!!  The cause? an overturned vehicle in one direction and a jacknifed lorry in the other!!

Bet you're asking now just how I got to school through it.... snappy catch answer is ... I didn't!!  Checking to make sure Young Sir had got back OK at around 3.30 this morning I missed my footing and slipped down the stairs skinning my leg from toe to knee at the front!!  The bruises will be fully spectacular when they come out properly!!!  Couldn't get me shoe on first thing... so our supervisor told me to take the day off!!!  And yes, he did get home OK, albeit over half an hour later than anticipated given the riding conditions at 2am!!  Thick snow and black ice do not make for decent motorbike riding, particularly when you have 'idiot van drivers' cutting you up on bends!!!  Oh am I pleased I made him take his very first compulsory bike test in the snow!!

Anyway, just to make me feel better I managed to have a good look through the 'Guess What'... Ooh you are nosey.... it's this:

Postman brought it during the day on Monday for me!!  However I was out in the afternoon and so didn't get a good chance to look through it!!  Amazon sent it because somebody had left it in their inbox and went and ordered some Feliway for the cats and forgot it was there!!  Thought that Feliway was a bit OTT!!! VBG  Now I've got even more in my 'todo' list!!! Rofl  Just need to collect the rest of them!! VBG

Anyway, think I hear soup being served out... chat later!!

Monday, 2 February 2015

Another Pair!!

Of Earwigs!!!

First of all though.... please can someone make spring come soon.... please!!  I'se been freezing again this morning!!  Temp was still below freezing and I know just what that Dalmation meant.... 'Even my liccle toes is froze'  Well nearly!!! LOL  What do you mean you don't remember a dalmation... bet you do!! 101 of them in fact!!! Rofl

Remember this?

Yes you do!!  It's the Linnea Pattern by Marilee Rockley!!!

Well I had to have a pair of earwigs to go with it didn't I??  What did I pick as the pattern?  This one by Jane E.... fun to do!!

I told you all this on Friday didn't I???  Oh Yes I Did!!! Look: Same colour thread and beads!!  Not the same beads tho.... because the gold ones on the bracelet would be too big for earwigs!!  They'd weigh me liccle ears down so they would!! VBG  Now the question is... do I do another one to make a pendant????  Yes or No???  Then I'd have a set wouldn't I?? Bracelet, Earwigs and neck adornment!!!!  Yes Of Course I have a spare shuttle!!!! LOL

Onnyhow... I'se busy again... this time I thought I'd do a Starry Button Whatsit!!  White beads, dark metallic beads, green beads on rainbow splash n yellow!!!  Only just started so its not worth showing you!  No!!! You will have to wait!!!

Mind you, think I'd better get the next TIAS done sharpish... VBG  Ok... Ok... here you are:

Oh, and the reason that pic is better than the others.... Somebody just took a cleaning cloth to the phone's camera lens!!!! VBG

Off to get warm round coffee now!!

Chat later!